Thursday, May 26, 2011

DOMINATRIX - Thank You Note

This collection is titled "Dominatrix" which was inspired by the images that I found of a lady with a whip and a mask wearing a leather corset. I found the word dominatrix to be kind of unique, because it also contains the word "matrix" which because of the movie had a connotation of futurism, which is something that I'm very inspired by.

Just like last time, I used a lot of cutting technique to enhance the look of a simple silhouette. Fabrics are a bit different too this time. I want the collection to be darker than usual, hence the use of all black. But each fabric has a distinct texture to it, be it the patent leather that shines, or satin that's lustrous or just plain matte black fabric. The juxtapose of three different textures is to accentuate the intricate cut of the dresses.

The Erotica Architectura collection was all about rigid and construction, while maintaining the construction, I want to tap on a different feel by seeing the movement in the garment. Looking at the image which was the main inspiration, where the lady dominatrix is holding a leather whip, looking like a fringe, I was immediately inspired to use leather and cut them off in tiny little strips to be fringes, allowing the movement to be really fluid.

But how did I get to show in the JFFF you may ask? I should thank Mr. Ichwan Thoha who recommended me to the show production team (Mr. Wawan, who was also my choreographer for my last JFW show), to be included in the event. The event itself is called VISIONAIRE, featuring designers from both Indonesia and Malaysia. The list of designers include: Ian Adrian, Andy Saleh, Roy Mulyanto, Cindy Engkeng, Ichwan Thoha, Renalaksita, Lorenzo Peh, Ivan Gunawan, Erdan, Khalik Mustafa, Yoyo Prasetyo, Yudhistira, John Paris, Ina Thomas, and Lennor by Lenny Agustine.

I need to extend a big thank you to the organizers, Mr. Wawan Soeharto and team from W Management, and Mr. Marco from Posture Management. They are the amazing people that came up with the grande event! Looking at the list, I probably am the most inexperienced of all the designers, and because of that I extend my utmost gratitude to both of them for allowing me to stage my collections with them.

The show itself is one insane day! I, once again got great model line-up, and I get to work with the most stunning (if not the 1st) androgyny model in Jakarta, Darell Ferhostan of Edge Models. Thank you Darell for willing to make his debut on the runway with my collection! Also thank you Mr. Iwan Keplek for mixing the music, and again, like last year, Aleksander Ormandy suggested the songs to me. Ms. Sari Nila is our host of the evening, thank you for her fabulous job. Also to my fabulous line up of models: Helena, Vikan, Filla, Silvie, Bulan, Valentina, Caroline, Putu, Evie and Paula.

Accessories are graciously provided by my dear friend Julie Rochili, and shoes, just like last time were produced by Mr. Weda Agustino. Thank you guys both!

Special thanks to Mr. Malvin Hartwell for being a fantastic supporter, also all the friends and family who came and support the show. It really means a lot knowing that you were all there to support me.. Love you all, see you next time on the runway!

DOMINATRIX - Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2011

Presented at the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2011
at the Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading

MUA: PAC by Martha Tilaar
Coreographer: Wawan Soeharto
Music Director: Iwan Keplek
Models: Darell, Helena, Filla, Silvie, Caroline, Evie, Putu, Vikan, Bulan, Valentina, Paula
Shoes: Wed's for Yosafat
Accessories: Julie Rochili Creations
Photos by: Ariyanto Tirtosudiro