Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh My Shirt

What is the most essential key item in a man's wardrobe??
A shirt apparently.
Since high school, I've always counted on a nice shirt to dress up without being too dressed up, later on in life, I found out that I can also dress it down to a spectacular effect!!! lol
It is also the reason why I decided to just go with shirts for my 1st menswear collection since graduation.

Strangely enough, I wasn't the only fashion designer thinking this way. During the Fall collection (which by the way is all about layering) some designers decided to go the other way, stripping everything down into a simple shirt. Fall collection has never been more kind to tropical country like Indonesia.

Raf Simmons for Jil Sander went all the way slick and modern with his selection of shirt. This baby blue one is my favorite. I love the patch detail on the pocket, functional yet chic!

Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy started off his collection with a series of white shirts. I love white shirt since it's the chicest way to do cool. And his shirts are way awesome, and well cut, which adds another extra points.

DSquared2 bad-ass boys with punched out and bleeding face also put the f in Fabulous. I particularly love this white shirt with sequined shawl detail. It's badass fabulosity.

The always-historicized John Galliano opt for a quirky way to show off his technicality and skill. Pairing his fabulous shirt with a male corset is just freaky fabulous!!

So shirt it up, believe me everyone looks good in a well cut shirt!

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Monday, April 19, 2010


So I'm not an exclusively menswear or womenswear designer. But I'm glad to say I've done both! Hehehe...
Here's an ad campaign for my new menswear collection.
Photography by Ariyanto Tirtosudiro
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big And Chunky

Have you ever noticed that "Hunky" and "Chunky" are just a word away?
Well, in mens fashion for Fall 2010, Chunky is the new Hunky.
I always love winter, I really do, my skin looks amazing, I can layer up and eat as many things as I want, wear black and grey and dark colors all the time without people asking me whether I'm going to a funeral. But yes, those wind and snow can be a bitch sometimes.

Thankfully, this winter, feel free to layer as thick as you want (or gain as much weight and layer it later, if you prefer it).

Check out:

Burberry switched it up a gear, last season's super skinny, and tight pants and slinky cardigan are out, replaced with chunky and amazingly beautiful coats and jackets. One stare at it and you know it's going to feel comfortable to be wrapped around those jackets!

Roberto went streetwear fabulous with his new collection, check out his fun-tastic parka, combined with super cool pants and shirt and vest, if that's not youthful, I don't know what is!

Salvatorre Ferragamo chose American praire as the inspiration. How fabulous are those coats combined with chunky knits. And you know those are gonna be the things you'll be wearing everyday all winter long!

Not chunky enough? Check out D&G's extreme interpretation of this trend. How fabulous are those quilted wind breaker in knit pattern? Not to mention the fabulous knitted cardigan underneath and that silver ski-pants? Perfection (though to be completely honest, borderline comical).

So embrace your inner chunkiness and layer up til you can layer no more!

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