Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Matrix

So I had a lot of fun, looking trough the fall winter collection of the designers doing menswear show in Milan and Paris just one week before the couture show. And let's just say, this season, the couture was pretty much disappointing, but that's another story.

Out of all the shows I've seen so far trough the magic of the internet, I'm sensing several trends going on. But of course I'm not gonna spill them out right away. I'll elaborate one by one.

The one most ferocious trend on menswear is the Futuristic Revival!
Eat that Ghesquiere! Menswear can be futuristic too apparently, and as a lover of everything futuristic (and black in this case), I couldn't be happier that next fall I get to walk around looking like Neo from the Matrix (but in cashmere or croco, of course). So enjoy my simplest yet most loving collage yet!! Wohoooo!!

(left to right) Dior Homme, Versace, and Rick Owens
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  1. that looks so cool! love it! i never keep an eye on menswear though, i probably should!