Friday, November 25, 2011

DICHOTOMY - Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

The 2nd time I'm showing at the Jakarta Fashion Week under my own label, and this time , I was incredibly honored to be picked out of obscurity by Femina Group (Mr. Diaz Parsada), to represent a mega brand in celebrating the launch of their new product, NOKIA N9.

So the mood is different, the pressure is 4 times the usual. While I usually put out a collection and put my name under the line, this time it is also NOKIA, and the nice people from Femina Group who decided to pick me.

This is also my 1st wholesale/ready-to-wear collection (so all you buyers and business people interested, don't hesitate to call me), so the whole conceptual is under the bridge now, this is all about the clothes and the fact that it needed to be wearable, every single piece.

So hopefully you readers like the collection, feel free to contact me!

Models: Tari, Nadya Purwoko, Vivi, Chika, Caroline, Brenda, Wita, Carissa, Lita Chan, Filantropi, Sarah Azka, Dhenok
Coreography: Wawan Soeharto
Shoes: WED's for Yosafat

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