Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wedding Gowns

If by any chance you are following my career and what I do in terms of fashion and collections, you would've known by now that I am not famous for making wedding gowns of any kind. In fact few knows that I actually do custom design, let alone bridal gowns. But I do.

Not that this post is any kind of promotion. I leave that to my tumblr page, really.. lol

This post is about the gratifying feeling that I got from designing a wedding gown for a client recently.

A wedding dress by any definition is perhaps the one time that I think a woman should be willing to splurge. Sure sure, I can go on and on about how this is the biggest day of your life, or how the pictures are going to last on your living room wall for the rest of your life. Some people could also throw in an argument about how this dress is only going to be worn once, hence it's silly to spend a fortune on it (while ridiculously, I think it's the more reason to spend more!!)

So this client of mine, Melissa, is in person a happy energetic person. She has a petite frame, and is such a true modernist, it's kinda amazing!
She mentioned to me that she wanted a phoenix on her dress (a request that I hesitated at first, but then comply when we settled on the most non tacky placement).
She wants a classic shape, but still being different and has a dramatic flare. I managed to convincer her to go without crinoline (a piece of undergarment that looks like a bird cage and give puffy construction on the skirt, like dresses back in the Victorian era), which I personally think is not for everyone.
So for me, the classic 'New Look' Silhouette is for her. Light corsetry on the bodice, tight fitting to the waist. And then the skirt just go out and flared, with the dramatic beaded long train.
We used a lot of lace to create the feminine effect, we cut every single flower of the lace and arrange it again in a symmetrical manner. All re-attached and sew by hand!

So here we go.. hope you like it as much as I (and she) did!

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